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How to connect #LaMetrics to iPhone personal hotspot, and control with the same iPhone

What's LaMetrics?


Official Home Page




  1. Prepare two iOS devices

  2. Install LaMetrics App to both devices

  3. Start personal hotspot with first iOS device

  4. Join second iOS device to the former personal hotspot

  5. Set up the LaMetrics to connect personal hotspot of the first iOS device with App in the second iOS device

  6. Install LaMetrics App into the first iOS device

  7. Launch the App in first iOS device and you see the LaMetrics device in the App

Trouble Shooting: Connect to other WiFi


  1. Sometime, LaMetrics device connects not to iPhone but to other WiFi unfortunately

  2. If so, at first, power off LaMetrics device (long press the power button and press action button)

  3. Open the screen of personal hotspot in Setting App of iPhone (off course enable sharing)

  4. Keep the screen of iPhone open, power on LaMetrics device

  5. It connect to iPhone automatically

Trouble Shooting: Recognize connecting other WiFi



  1. In other case, LaMetrics App recognize the LaMetrics device connecting other WiFi in error

  2. To solve this problem, just reboot the LaMetrics App (double push Home button and swipe LaMetrics screen upward)